Realtime communication

How it works

Cerebelo contributes to coordination, precision, and accurate timing of events flow in Messaging World.

what can be achieved

We provide scalable solutions for every Messaging Company to exchange messages with reliability and security with number of users


The solutions provided by us are backed up with distributed networks which provide you with high reliability. All smart patterns like push-pull, router-dealer, pub-sub can be implemented using our solutions

for what to use

can be used for many smaller smarter purpose and easy to use and to play

Some of the usecases

Realtime Dasboard

Our Solutions


To provide the realtime communication service with security and support to help acheive your goals. Our vision is to disrupt traditional data storage technologies by providing the most agile, programmable, economical, and massively scalable infrastructure.


With an ethos centered on pay-as-you-grow flexibility, managed quality of service, and operational effectiveness, we believe our solution is ideal for cloud service providers and enterprises that want to build private clouds


Cerebelo Products

Publisher and subscriber

Stream messages to one to one or millions of users whether in a group or a broadcast message. Manage off line messages. Capabilities like Socket connections, WebIO, Web-RTC, VOIP and other protocols. No drop messages . Handles millions of connections at a time. Prioritization of messages: Handling priority messages with in no time.


Group chats one to one chats Broadcasting Events and notifications Reminder Events. Real time dashboards: updating charts and tabular data instantly.

Why to pay for cerebelo services?

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